3 High-Performance Health Secrets
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Are you accepting any of these symptoms as normal?
  • Low Energy
  • Bloating
  • Belly Fat
  • Brain Fog
  • Inflammation
These symptoms are what we call the big 5.
They have become normalized in our society, yet they are by no means “normal”.
Over time, they diminish your ability to feel and function at your best.
And isn’t that what we all want?...
… to feel great, look great & perform at the top of our game in every area of our life?
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What High Performers Know That You Don’t
We've helped World Champions, Elite Executives, Olympians, Professional Athletes, Millionaire Entrepreneurs and many others to look and feel their best.

If we can help an elite excel using our system, we can help you too!

Yet if you apply these 3 things to your life, you can maximize productivity, boost income, and get the most out of life.  

For the first time, we’ve compiled these 3 high-performance secrets into a video series you can access for FREE right now.
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Joey Nemet
Olympic Athlete
I've seen a complete mental and physical transformation. 
I've been seeing The Phenom Team since last summer. After getting back from the Olympics in Pyeongchang, I felt lethargic, anxious, foggy, and bloated after meals for a few months before I decided that something wasn't right and I had to get to the bottom of whatever was going on. The last 8 months or so I've seen a complete mental and physical transformation. Cognitively, I feel clear, calm and my energy levels are steadier than ever throughout the day. I'm the leanest I've ever been while staying strong in the gym. Inflammation is way down. Even my chronic Achilles pain, which is something I've battled for years, is completely gone. I've honestly never felt healthier. The great thing about the Phenom method is that regular testing is done to ensure the interventions are working and to see if any adjustments need to be made. No guesswork. Just results. 
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Tap into the level of a high-performer by making sure your body systems are working together.
Discover the key body system you need to maximize performance and overall health.
Identify  the stresses of your body system to function at peak performance.
Meet your
High Performance
Health Experts
Welcome! We’re Dr. Callum Cowan ND and Dr. Nicola Kempinska ND, Board-certified Naturopathic Doctors behind The Phenom Method.

The Phenom Method is a systematic approach that uses lab testing to uncover the key barriers holding you back from peak performance and optimal health.  
In this NEW video series, we’re going to show you 3 BIG secrets that you may not realize are blocking you from looking and feeling your best
Sarah Barnes-Humphrey
The Phenom Method Fan
The Phenom Method changed my life forever.
The Phenom Team was a last resort for me, for 10 years I struggled with inflammation and water retention, I saw specialist after specialist - neuro, veins, cardio, kidney, shaolin, lymphedma - you name it I saw them, test after test and nothing, no one could help. I heard about The Phenom Method from a friend and literally told him he was my last resort 😀 the functional testing was eye opening and changed my life forever. I lost 8 cms off my calves alone and went from a size 12 pant to a size 6. Not only that but I feel amazing, not so tired, more energy etc..,I continue working with The Phenom Team because things change and I want to stay in optimal condition so I can make the most out of my life. I have recommended so many people because they saw my journey first hand, so I highly recommend working with them and knowing what works for your body specifically.
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